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History of Cornmill 'Nooit Gedagt'

From way back cornmill Nooit Gedagt has been standing on the town rampart of the fortified city Woudrichem, the same place where already a mill stood in 1662. Last known predecessor of cornmill Nooit Gedagt was equipped with a total brick octagonic structure since 1862, replacing a smock mill on stone base. This mill was destroyed on the 21st of April 1945 durig the war. The foundation 'Reconstructing cornmill Nooit Gedagt' was founded by notarial act in 1984 with the purpose of rebuilding the devastated mill (1945). After years of preparation and gathering the proper financial resources a start could be made with the build of the new mill (the present mill) on May the 5th 1990. The construction was supervised by the firm Straver, Almkerk the Netherlands. Amid great public interest the cap with windshaft and stocks were put in it's place on the 28th of April 1995 ; a crowning glory for the foundation. The mill was completed and ready for grinding purposes. The official opening took place on May the 31st 1996 and the mill is uptil now the only mill in the Netherlands of the type octaganic brick windmill with reefing-stage.

The finest flour you get from the mill


Nowadays the bread(baking)machine is a product that is present in most of the Dutch households. Which means that most people want a product that contains quality and with not that much artificial contents hence, they prefer buying their flour in all different sorts at the mill. Ofcourse there are strict regulations in this area which the HACCP (Hygienic Code) controls. 


You van visit cornmill Nooit Gedagt on Thursdays from 13-16 and Friday, Saturday and Sunday's from 13-17. You can spent some time browsing in our shop, where we sell all kinds of products (over 200) made by our mill of course or by other traditional manufacturers. You can also take the stairs and amaze yourself over the proces making grain into flour. Corn mill Nooit Gedagt  is the only mill in the region which produces weekly on traditional way, and therefore has become an economic function (again). 


Technical Data


Type                            Vertical windmill with cap, cap winder

Sort                             (Reefing) Stagemill

Body                            Octagonic brick masonry

Function                      Corn mill with one pair of (composite) millstones

Cap                              Wood, with bituminous felt roof

Sail span                      76,85 feet

Sail type                       Boarded sail 

Inside stock                 Made by Derckx (welded steel), no. 775 (made in 1994)

Buitenroede                 Made by Derckx (welded steel), no. 774 (made in 1994)

Kruiwerk                     Wind lass ; shot curb (cap)

Stage hight                   30 feet

Machinery and 

transport                      Roller crusher (1), mixer (3), bucket conveyor (1), screw conveyor (1)


Store and its products


# Several kinds of breadmixes ranging from white bread to dark bread...............

# Whole wheat flour, rye flour, spelt flour, mais flour, buckwheat flour, semolina, bran, oat flakes...............

# Spicey breadmixes like tomato, cheese, pesto, ciabatta, focaccia...................

# Cake flour for very different kind of cakes, scones, muffins, brownies.........

# Baking powders, gluten, breadfillings (raisins, sugarnibs, cinnemon).........

# Several sorts of (exclusive) jam, cheese, honey

# Gifts (books etc.) and much more




Adress       Rijkswal 7, 4285 AC Woudrichem (the Netherlands)

c|o            Bart Mols, Provincialeweg Zuid 42, 4286 LM Almkerk 

Phone        0031650283248

email          info@molennooitgedagt.nl

website      www.molennooitgedagt.nl 




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